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Real Scrum is professional Scrum. It is based on Empiricism concepts –  Transparency, Inspect and Adapt as well as Scrum Values – Focus, Openness, Commitment, Courage, and Respect. Real Scrum is hard. It requires challenging your comfort zone. Since 2009 we’ve been helping companies like HP, Comverse, Amdocs, NCR, AT&T, Eagle Investments, Philips, Motorola implement Scrum in a professional way. Our team of Professional Trainers (PSTs) have a deep understanding of Scrum theory, practices as well as real-world application that is pragmatic without sacrificing the heart of Scrum. We deliver professional training both in public enrolment classes as well as private onsite.

  • "As a large R&D organization, with multiple groups and dependencies, one of our main challenges is predictability. With the move to Scrum and the enforcement of one prioritized backlog, we have improved our predictability substantially. We are still in the journey, but the team has bought into it and most importantly, we keep improving as we go. Yuval guided the team and the management during the training and the adoption, helping us to build it right, which made the whole experience very positive!"

    Haniel Ilouz
    Haniel Ilouz R&D Director, HP Software
  • "Our organization (about 100 people) moved to Agile in late 2010. Yael from AgileSparks joined our implementation team as an Agile consultant a few months after we started the implementation. Yael quickly got to know our employees and key players, as well as our unique business environment. Yael successfully delivered theoretical sessions to different groups: Scrum Masters, Developers and Testers, and followed them up by guiding the different Scrum Teams in their day-to-day challenges. She also met the unit's management on a weekly basis to monitor the entire implementation process and conduct learning and fine-tuning on the run. Thanks to her deep professionalism in Agile and her great personality, Yael was accepted by all parties and helped us push forward the complex assimilation of Agile in our organization significantly while handling resistances and instilling the right mindset. After completing the initial phase of implementing the basic Agile practices, we will continue to work with Yael to get to the next level of agility and to ensure that a continuous improvement mindset becomes part of our DNA. I would recommend any organization that is in the process of moving to Agile work with Yael."

    Gaby Kozakov R&D Department Manager, ECI Telecom
  • We are very pleased with our implementation of the Scrum framework, which Yuval Yeret and the other able AgileSparks coaches led for us. The AgileSparks team understood our unique challenges and working environment and effectively addressed both. We began the implementation of Scrum within a disaster recovery and business continuity project and continued with other projects. The benefits we achieved as the result of the Scrum implementation included Improved working relations between the teams, Significantly reduced escalations and the need for crisis management, Project timetable shortened by 20%, Improved the quality of the deliverables, Minimized the surprise elements in the project and had ample time to deal with the risks.  Following the successful results achieved within this project, we decided to adopt the Scrum methodology within many other project teams.

    Arie Vanunu Components & Core Engineering LoP GM
  • "Our engineering organization transitioned from quarterly releases to two-week releases using Scrum and Kanban. We've switched from using a complex, obscure, inefficient and difficult Gantt chart system into a highly visual Kanban board that allows us to instantly understand our project status and even more important to see our development process challenges. This has contributed to a culture of continuous improvement. Our journey from waterfall to Agile has helped to surface all of our development deficiencies/improvement opportunities and with courage, we handled those and continue to do so after five months / 10 sprints. Through the transition, from Sprint #1 until the present date, we've deployed on our production site new user stories with true business value to a very complex platform and also scaled up the R&D team significantly. In addition to the obvious benefits of the R&D improvements, our business can react much faster than before to market needs and to internal organization needs as our business continues to grow. I would like to thank the incredible highly professional team in AgileSparks and specifically, our great Agile coach, Yuval Yeret, who guided, trained us and took us through this journey."

    Ben Peer
    Ben Peer SVP Technology at FiftyOne (E4X)
  • "We chose Scrum to improve internal customer integration and satisfaction and to raise release quality. Agilesparks was our guide. We chose an aggressive pilot that crossed business units, and the bottom line is that the communication and collaboration improved dramatically. We moved from escalation mode where the interaction was at the management level to a collaboration mode where the engineers work together in Scrum Teams solving problems and showing working software every few weeks. We are managing project risks much more effectively, and have much better visibility as to the real progress of the release. Based on the success of this pilot and our belief that Agile is required to succeed in our competitive environment, We are now considering how to extend Lean/Agile adoption."
    Yoav Flam - Software
    Yoav Flam - Software Section Lead - Platform Unit - Comverse
  • "ECtel decided to use Scrum to improve its development. After intensive research, and learning from other companies, we understood that to increase the probability of success we need expert help. From searching the market, it was clear AgileSparks is the most experienced company in training and assisting with such a process. Working with AgileSparks was productive and fun from day one. Because Scrum implementation requires changing the mindset of the entire company, introducing it in the right way and harnessing widespread support is crucial, and AgileSparks did a great job at all levels of the company. Now after several sprints, the change is dramatic. From individuals working indpendently, we now see great communication between teams and between the engineers themselves. The level of commitment from the employees has increased significantly. The progress of tasks and emerging difficulties are presented clearly and in real time for all stakeholders to see. Cooperation and involvement from marketing have been a huge benefit for all sides. I have no hesitation in recommending the services of AgileSparks to any company considering Scrum or Agile."

    Michael Bar-Joseph
    Michael Bar-Joseph VP R&D ECtel
  • "Moving to Scrum was made easier after this course ( Scrum Masters). If you're considering Scrum, there is no place better to start than here. After just two days, the transformation actually looks doable and much less daunting."

    Amir Harush
    Amir Harush Director R&D and QA at Aladdin
  • "It was a real pleasure! Not only was the Scrum training we took with AgileSparks super fun, but it also gave us all the tools we needed to start working Agile. Even the most skeptical management members got on board. The change in the company was instant."

    Michal Blumenthal
    Michal Blumenthal VP Project Management - MCE
  • "Our communication and collaboration across business units improved dramatically. We moved from escalation mode where the interaction is at the manager level to a collaboration mode where the actual working engineers work together in Scrum Teams solving problems and showing working software every few weeks and providing real transparency regarding the progress of the release."

    Yoav Flam
    Yoav Flam Comverse

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