AgileSparks Professional Scrum Training

Professional Scrum Training

Real Scrum is professional Scrum. It is based on Empiricism concepts –  Transparency, Inspect and Adapt as well as Scrum Values – Focus, Openness, Commitment, Courage, and Respect. Real Scrum is hard. It requires challenging your comfort zone. Since 2009 we’ve been helping companies like HP, Comverse, Amdocs, NCR, AT&T, Eagle Investments, Philips, Motorola implement Scrum in a professional way. Our team of Professional Trainers (PSTs) have a deep understanding of Scrum theory, practices as well as real-world application that is pragmatic without sacrificing the heart of Scrum. We deliver professional training both in public enrolment classes as well as private onsite.

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Need help implementing Scrum in a professional way? Talk to us about bringing a class onsite or coaching with one of our Professional Scrum Trainers. 

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