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AWS Architecting

Course Overview

The Cloud is probably the most important advancement in designing highly available, fault-tolerant, and scalable web or data processing applications. AWS is the premiere cloud provider today.

This 5-day course teaches how to utilize the services offered by AWS in order to design and implement the most efficient, cost-effective, easy to code, and easy to maintain systems that will run on AWS infrastructure.

We will cover both IASS and PASS topics teaching both how to port on-prem applications to the cloud and use AWS as an IASS provider but also how to use AWS as a PASS provider which should cut costs and investment.

  • Who should attend

    Anyone with IT experience. In fact, attendees often have diverse backgrounds: Infrastructure, IT, programmers, database administrators, system administrators, DevOps people, team leaders, architects, finance administrators, managers, and more.
    Experience in IT is a requirement and a plus.

  • Prerequisites

    Experience in IT in some fields is required.

Course Content

  • AWS overview.
    Types of applications
    • pure cloud.
    • hybrid.
    • on-prem.


    Principles of designing highly available, fault-tolerant, scalable systems.
    IASS services intro
    • regions.
    • availability zones.
    • best practices.


    • Infrastructure services:
    • VPC.
    • subnets.
    • security groups.
    • nacls.
    • IGW.
    • Elastic IPs.
    • ELB.
    • Standard patterns:
      **multiple availability zones.
      **load balancers on entry.
      **load balancers between layers.
      **separation of subnets.
      **Multiple VPCs.
      **bastion hosts.
      **multiple accounts.


    Identity and secure access services
    • IAM
    • users, groups, roles
    • best practices
    • interfacing other identity systems.


    • machine types.
    • AMIs.
    • EBS.
    • Pricing.
    • Monitoring (CloudWatch).
    • Autoscaling.


    Storage and mass data access services
    • S3.
    • Glacier.
    • Storage Gateway.
    • Snow family.
    • EFS.
    • FSx.
    • AWS Backup.
    • Cloud Front.
    • Security and encryption.
    • Route53.
    • Other offerings.
  • Application services
    • SQS.
    • SNS.
    • Elastic Transcoder.
    • Workspaces.
    • Other offerings.


    Database services
    • RDS.
    • Dynamo DB.
    • Database Migration Service (DMS).
    • Aurora.
    • Elasti Cache.
    • Redshift.
    • Other offerings.


    High-level services
    • Elastic Beanstalk.
    • OpsWorks.
    • Cloud Formation.
    • Other offerings.


    Networking services
    • PrivateLink.
    • Direct Connect.
    • Transit Gateway.
    • Other offerings.


    Developer and DevOps services
    • CodeCommit.
    • CodeBuild.
    • CodePipeline.
    • CodeDeploy.
    • CodeStar.
    • Other offerings.
    Container and Serverless services
    • Container Registry.
    • EKS.
    • ECS.
    • Fargate.
    • API Gateway.
    • Lambda.
    • How to combine with API gateway, Kinesis, S3, DynamoDb, . . .
    • Step Functions.


    • Cloud best practices.
    • Keeping up with AWS.

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