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Building CI/CD with Jenkins

Course Overview

Jenkins is an open-source and probably the most popular continuous integration tool that serves as an orchestrator for building testing and shipping a product.
On this 3-day course, we will be learning how to build test and deploy CI/CD with Jenkins 2 as an orchestration tool together with groovy as a programming language enabling us to create pipeline as a code.

  • Who should attend

    Developers, System Administrators.

  • Prerequisites


Course Content

    • Introduction to Jenkins.
    • Jenkins components.
    • Jenkins dashboard.
    • Master and slaves.
    • Job types.
    • Anatomy of the Job.
    • Jenkins plugins.
    • Testing and Continuous Integration.
    • Understanding Jenkins’s file.
    • Maven example.
    • Building Jenkins pipelines using groovy.
    • using Jenkins with docker.
    • Archiving Artifacts.
    • Email Integration.
    • Slack Integration.
    • Using Jenkins with Artifactory.
    • Adding Sonarqube.
    • Blue Ocean.
    • Jenkins security.
    • Troubleshooting Build Failures.
    • Adding tests.

Want to learn how to use Jenkins?

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