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Deep dive into Istio on Kubernetes

Course Overview

As the complexity of microservices applications grows, it becomes extremely difficult to track and manage interactions between services,
wouldn’t it be better if developers could focus on writing the code for the services business logic, instead of spending their time wiring application logic to support the service mesh?
Istio to the rescue!!!
The 2-day course involves extensive hands-on exercises which are crucial to the understanding of the Istio mechanics.

  • Who should attend

    Developers, DevOps Professionals, System Administrators.

  • Prerequisites

    • Basic Linux commands.
    • Basic Programming Concepts (control flows, conditionals, scripting).
    • Docker, Kubernetes Knowledge.

Course Content

  • Istio concepts

    ● What is a service mesh.
    ● Why Istio.
    ● What can instill do for us.
    ● Istio and Kubernetes integration.


    Istio architecture

    ● Pilot.
    ● Mixer.
    ● Citadel.


    Istio traffic management

    ● Gateway.
    ● Virtual service.
    ● Destination rule.
    ● Service Entry.

  • Istio Security

    ● Authentication.
    ● Authorization.


    Controlling istio with Policies

    ● Enabling Policy Enforcement.
    ● Enabling Rate Limits.
    ● Control Headers and Routing.
    ● Denials and White/Black Listing.


    Using Istio for observability

    ● Creating custom metrics.
    ● Monitoring using prometheus and grafana.
    ● Observing using Jaeger and Kigali.

Want to learn how to use Istio?

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