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Kubernetes Essentials

Course Overview

Kubernetes is a popular framework for managing container deployments on a cluster.
In this 2-day course, the students will learn the concepts of Kubernetes (e.g., Pods, ReplicaSets, Deployments, Services) as well as deployment patterns and best practices.
The course includes extensive hands-on exercises will are crucial to the understanding of the topics.

  • Who should attend

    Developers, DevOps Professionals, System Administrators.

  • Prerequisites

    • Basic Linux commands.
    • Basic Programming Concepts (control flows, conditionals, scripting).

Course Content

  • Kubernetes Basic Workloads – Pod
    • An overview of images and containers.
    • Pods.
    • Labels & Selectors.
    • Namespaces.


    Kubernetes Controllers
    • ReplicaSet.
    • Deployment.
    • DaemonSet.
    • StatefulSet.
    • CronJob.


    Networking And Services
    • How services work.
    • Load balancing.
    • Virtual service IP.
    • Talking to services.
    • Exposing Services.
    • Service Endpoints.
    • Headless services.


    • Kubernetes volumes vs. Docker volumes.
    • Type Of Volumes.
    • persistentVolumeClaim.
    • StorageClass.
    • Dynamic vs Static Volume Provisioning.
  • Secrets And ConfigMaps
    • Managing configuration using configmaps.
    • Exposing configmaps to containers.
    • Configuration using Secrets.
    • Retrieving and Decoding a Secret.
    • Difference between configmap and secret.


    Kubernetes Security
    • Authenticating with TLS certificates.
    • Authenticating with tokens.
    • Understanding Service Accounts.
    • Pods And Service Accounts.
    • Users vs Service Accounts.
    • Authorization in Kubernetes Using Role-based access control.
    • Binding a role to the service account.
    • Roles vs Cluster Roles.


    • Container Probes.
    • Liveness and Readiness.


    The syllabus includes a virtual lab for each section.

Want to learn how to use Kubernetes?

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