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Microservices with Spring Cloud

Course Overview

Spring Framework is a popular and effective open-source framework for Enterprise Java developers. Spring provides the infrastructure for modular and maintainable application development. Spring Cloud builds on Spring and Spring Boot to provide essential infrastructure and common pattern solutions for Microservices and Cloud-based applications.

This 2-day course covers Microservices and REST and provides hands-on experience with Spring Boot and Spring Cloud.

  • Who should attend

    • Java developers who want to use Spring Microservices application development.
    • Java developers who want to leverage the readymade solutions of Spring Cloud.
  • Prerequisites

    Experience with Java Development, Experience with Developing Spring Applications.

Course Content

  • Spring DI and Boot overview.
    Microservices Overview
    • Intro.
    • Advantages.
    • Challenges.
    • Costs.
  • Spring Cloud
    • Centralized Configuration.
    • Service Discovery (Eureka).
    • Circuit-Breakers (Hystrix).
    • Load Balancing (Ribbon).
    • Gateway (Zuul).
    • Declarative Clients (Feign).

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