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Pro Python for DevOps and QA

Course Overview

This 2-day course will help raise the bar from “hacking” with python, to professional-level code you and your peers can maintain.

  • Who should attend

    DevOps and QA people with basic knowledge of python. Software developers who want to polish their knowledge of system-level programming, and Automated testing using Python.

  • Prerequisites

    Working knowledge of python (2 or 3).

Course Content

  • Setting up Python
    • Packaging and Isolation using pip & virtualenv.
    • Editing python. Visual Studio Code, pylint.
    • Debugging using VSC.
    • Coding style and PEP-8.
    • Documenting python code using pydoc and doctest.


    Writing Tests
    • Automating tests and the test pyramid.
    • Writing our first test.
    • The Setup / Execute / Verify / Teardown pattern.
    • Measuring tests coverage.



    Using pytest
    • pytest vs unittest.
    • Test discovery & Structuring unit tests.
    • Selective running of test using marks.
    • Testing exceptions.
    • Python project structure
  • TDD – Test Driven Development
    • The Fail-Implement-Pass-Refactor Cycle
    • Writing clean tests using pytest Fixtures


    Isolating system dependencies
    • Dependency injection.
    • Mocking.
    • Stubbing.
    • Patching.


    • Writing acceptance criteria.
    • Definition of Done.
    • Code Reviews.
    • Gherkin.
    • Automating gherkin test specs using a BDD framework – pytest.BDD.
    • Cross-framework tests coverage.

Want to improve your Python skills?

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