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Scala Programming

Course Overview

Scala is a type-safe programming language that runs on top of the JVM. Scala was tagged as the “long time replacement for Java”. Scala is both object-oriented and functional, thus allowing developers to easily express themselves using powerful tools without losing performance.

By the end of the 3-day course, the students will know the Scala language, how to use it, applying correct patterns, and will also have extensive hands-on experience which is crucial when learning a new language

  • Who should attend

    Java developers, Team Leaders, Project Managers.

  • Prerequisites

    Java Knowledge.

Course Content

  • Introduction to Scala
    • Why another language?
    • The Features of Scala,
    • Scala’s Extensibility,
    • Scala vs. Java.


    Basic Syntax (for Java Developers)
    • Basic syntax compared to Java.
    • Basic Class syntax.
    • Visibility Rules.
    Object-Oriented Programming in Scala
    • Everything is an Object.
    • Objects and Companion Objects.
    • No Operators (just Functions).
    • Introducing Parameterized Types.
    • Traits & Mixins.


    • High Order Functions.
    • Lambdas and Closures.


    • Mutable vs. Immutable Collections.
    • Comparing and Integrating with Java Collections.
    • Functional API.
    • Persisted Collections.
    • Sequences.
  • Pattern Matching
    • Case Classes.
    • Pattern Matching.
    • Exception Handling.


    For Expressions.

    Implicit methods.

    Implicit classes.

    Implicit parameters.

    More Topics
    • Tail Recursion.
    • Futures.
    • Promises.
    Testing Frameworks.
    Introduction to Functional Programming
    • What is Functional Programming.
    • Abstractions.
    • Overview of Monoids.
    • Functors.
    • Monads.

Want to learn how to develop with Scala?

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