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AgileSparks Public Training during the COVID19 pandemic

Since early on in the onset of the COVID19 pandemic AgileSparks has switched all of its public and internal workshops to a live virtual classroom format. Moving forward, as different countries/regions allow larger in-person gatherings, we will carefully consider when to get back to in-person public training.

Each class includes a location and for live virtual classrooms that location is set to “online” to help students get clarity and decide/plan accordingly.

To answer a few questions that come up often:

  • Can I participate remotely in the public training class? YES. All of our scheduled classes will take place remotely as a live virtual classroom experience. We ask that you register and participate only in classes that are within a 3 hours timezone difference of your current location. If you have a special situation and want to join a class with a wider timezone difference, reach out and check with us. 
  • What are you doing to make the classroom experience effective virtually? We’ve already run some classes remotely using a combination of Zoom, breakout rooms, digitally shared class workbooks the students can collaboratively work on during exercises, and other facilitation techniques we’ve used over the years. You’ll probably get the added benefit of learning digital facilitation techniques that you’ll need in upcoming months by joining our live virtual classroom…

What our students have to say about our Live Virtual Classroom SAFe classes: 


If you have a specific question, concern, or situation, or suggestion, we are here for further discussion.

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