Certified Scrum Master (CSM) – Israel

NEXT DATES:  JUL 19, 2016 TO JUL 20, 2016

Workshop Summary

As more and more companies find that the classic waterfall approach for project management does not fit their realities, Agile methodologies have emerged as the best solutions in the current dynamic project environment.

In many cases, not all requirements are clear before the project starts and requests for change are inserted often during development. Not less important is the fact that people have come to realize that the ability to estimate development efforts accurately is limited, at best. Scrum is a practical way to implement the Agile approach and is the focus of this course.

The course covers the Scrum framework and includes real life situation simulations and exercises, in which Scrum principles are practiced and important insights are reached.

The course officially certifies participants as Certified Scrum Masters (CSM) by the international ScrumAlliance organization.

This course qualifies participants for 16 PDU’s by the PMI. The process of getting the PDU’s should be done by the participant according to the PMI’s policies and regulations.


What past participants are saying about this course:

Best practices. New mindset. Inspiring.

Stimulated a different way of thinking.

The instructor was not only very qualified and experienced; he has an outstanding contributing and convincing personality as well. This made it especially easy for us to have a two days life experience about what the subject is really all about.

Thank you for the special delivery. 

From the first moment on, Danko succeeded to create a challenging and exciting atmosphere. The whole course not only provided knowledge about Scrum but also insights into how Scrum is practiced! This is learning by doing and nothing else works. Wonderful!

Thanks for the training – this was a real motivation and a technique to move and see, this could help me out of the “old-age” project management problems.

Again I would like to say: “Thank you for the great workshop!” 

If anyone is considering becoming as Certified Scrum Master I would most definitely recommend AgileSparks as I found the training complete, to-the-point, highly engaging and very useful in gaining the foundation in understanding SCRUM as a methodology and how it is used in a project situation.

I would recommend a friend to do the workshop in the future. I would also highly recommend Daniel (Danko) to deliver the training as he is an accomplished trainer, who is well informed and possible most importantly has a very pleasant and humorous why of disseminating information to his students. I enjoyed his teaching method.

Dear Danko – There’s no more to say than “Thank You”!  It was a pleasure to me to having had the chance to spend these two days with you!  I really hope to meet you once again in my life – it’s people like you that keep energy levels up despite all the frustrations we all witness in today’s reality.

“Pls be prepared,
that the trainer will challenge your comfort zone,
but at the end you know,
that this is a very effective way to learn, how to be agile.”

“Danko joining in Scrum in all its beauty Aesthetics, simplicity, and feeling excited”

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