Values, Principles, and Practices


Maturing beyond names towards high performance

Values Principles Practices – Maturing beyond “Names” and getting to what works

By Hillel Glazer @ AgileIL11

Session Abstract:

The concept of process improvement has been around for quite a while. Many methods have been defined to conduct and pursue improvement. Then why isn’t everyone already an expert at it? We seem to never lack “improvement” content as if it’s fresh, and exciting-which it’s not. Maybe that’s because so much of what’s been espoused hasn’t worked. But why? Hillel Glazer examines several long-held assumptions about process improvement, proposes plausible flaws, and reveals new levels of understanding that have allowed breakthroughs in performance. Hillel looks at what happens when there’s too much focus on practices, when the underlying principles aren’t honored, and when basic values aren’t internalized. We see too much arguing over practices instead of working towards results; worrying about “compliance” instead of moving forward. What’s the relationship between values, principles, and practices, and why does it matter? Hillel explains it all in this compelling, entertaining session.

Agile Israel 2011 Overview for Hillel Glazer — Values, Principles & Practices

A quick introduction and abstract of my upcoming talk at Agile Israel 2011.

Focusing on Values and not Practices enables an operation to be responsive, adaptable, flexible, lean and agile. This also allows them to achieve a high performance operation that enables CMMI ratings, ISO audits and business performance benefits.

Practices are very context-specific. Being lean and agile in the real world requires the ability to adapt practices to new contexts while remaining in line with values. The hyper-focus on practices actually prevents being lean and agile.

This talk explains why.


Lecturer’s Bio:

Hillel is recognized as the world’s leading authority on introducing lean and agile concepts into the compliance-driven world. He’s often recognized as the “AgileCMMI guy” ( and is the SEI’s go-to authority on Agile — having co-authored their only paper on the topic and contributed the agile content in the new CMMI for Development v1.3. He’s helped companies of all sizes and industries around the world successfully blend lean & agile with CMMI and other requirements to achieve performance benefits, not just artifacts and certifications.

Hillel’s professional passion is to work with companies that are motivated to achieve world-class operations and excellence. He is among the few CMMI High Maturity Lead Appraisers and CMMI Instructors working almost exclusively with agile teams. As a Visiting Scientist at Carnegie Mellon University, he contributes to the SEI’s Services constellation where the concepts of Kanban fit well with the Service model. As such, he is working with more and more companies to adopt Kanban and CMMI to achieve their performance objectives.

His diverse experience base includes aerospace/defense and systems engineering, large and small consulting practices, Federal agencies, dot-com operations, and financial, insurance, medical and transportation systems development and support. This is probably what gave him the necessary perspective and competencies to pioneer how to bring CMMI and Agile together as far back as 2001 when no one was ready to think about marrying the two.

Hillel is an in-demand speaker and presenter, he is widely read, broadly published, and appears worldwide on topics pertaining to operational excellence in compliance-driven industries. His approaches have successfully harmonized lean- and systems-thinking into operations that demand adherence and governance while in pursuit of excellence and profits. His upcoming book, “High Performance

Operations: Turning Compliance into Competitive Advantage” lays out exactly how he does it.

His Baltimore-based company, Entinex, has a global reach that focuses on generating powerful results for high-performance operations among companies motivated to be lean, and agile, and achieve world-class levels of operational excellence.

He lives in Baltimore with his fabulous wife and four amazing children.



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